About Bob Firth

Bob at Work  With a passion for the outdoors and its seasonal changes, Bob has captured unique images with the likes of ice caves along Lake Superior; detailed photos of objects in ice; close ups of plants; beautiful rural farmlands; and diverse landscapes; as well as documenting the vanishing relics of the American countryside.  He also traveled to the Canadian Arctic to photograph the Will Steger North Pole Expedition training run along with the people and artists of the region.  Bob’s many interests and yearning for knowledge are clearly displayed by his varied photographic collection he has spent many years building. 

Bob specializes in medium and large format photography, as well as high-end digital capture, with a special emphasis on strong composition, and an eye for capturing extraordinary light.  His work has been published worldwide including the covers of over 300 magazines, thousands of calendar pages, hundreds of post cards, and a myriad of books including:

  • Landscape of Ghosts in collaboration with Bill Holm

  • The Gift of Time with T. Alexander Anderson

  • Minneapolis St. Paul, ‘A Photographic Portrait’

  • The North Shore Lake Superior

  • The Mystique and Beauty of Lake Minnetonka

Bob Firth owns and operates Firth Photobank, a stock photo agency located in Carver, Minnesota. With over two million images available, Firth Photobank is an invaluable resource for anyone in need of photos or fine art photography.  Additional prints and images are available for décor or publication through Firth Photobank.


Published Covers