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Licensing Images

Besides offering fine art gallery prints from images on our web site, we also offer these and other images from our vast Firth Photobank collection on a Rights Managed basis.  This means that we require a Usage License be purchased from us for each use of an image, be it for use on electronic media such as an internet web site, or published in any print media like a magazine, book, or brochure.  This Usage License allows us to manage and monitor image conflicts or restrictions by monitoring who is using the image, where the image is circulated, and how long the image is in use based upon the terms of the license. 

If you are an industry professional looking for a specific image or images for an upcoming project, we would like to offer our services to you.  Please fill out the information form and we will respond promptly to your request. 

Photobank image searches

With a collection of over 2-million images,  we can conduct an image search to help you locate exactly what you are looking for.  Please visit our Stock Photobank page to see a sampling of the categories of images we have available. 


Terms and Conditions

A Rights Managed Usage License from Bob Firth Photography or Firth Photobank grants you a one-time, non-exclusive use in a specific print publication or electronic media application.  A Usage License is required for each individual use of an image.  Example: If an image is purchased for use on the home page of a Web site and then you want to use that image for a company brochure or mailing, a separate license must be purchased for each use.  Receiving a license does not transfer ownership of the image, or any intellectual property rights therein to you.  If you are interested in "exclusive rights"  or "extended use" of an image, please contact us.

Unauthorized use of any image from this Web site or from Bob Firth Photography or Firth Photobank will result in a fee of three-times the fair market value of an authorized licensed image.  Additionally, legal action may be taken against you for copyright infringement. 



Pricing is determined by a number of factors including, but not limited to:

  • how the image will be used
  • how the image will be distributed
  • where the image will be distributed
  • circulation size
  • location and size of the image in the published media

Once we receive the information you submit, we will reply with a quote or, If needed, contact you for more information.


Image Delivery

Images will be delivered based on client's preference. 


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  Customer Comment:

Thanks Bob! You have some stunning photography, and a very creative mind! G.G.


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